Presentations and Seminars

Dr Doley’s professional commentary is widely sought after by national and international media for her subject-matter expertise. Lecture tours have been conducted internationally (NZ, UK, USA), and she regularly provides keynote addresses at domestic and international academic and industry conferences. 

Featured trainings include workshops on law and ethics for mental health practitioners, presentations to judges on arson assessment and treatment, seminars to juvenile justice, community corrections and prison services on offender risk management, specifically focused on pathways to fire-setting. Feedback ratings from Rebekah’s most recent professional trainings are available. 

Doley Psychology Services provides professional lectures, workshops and training seminars on a range of clinical and forensic psychology topics, including:

  • Dispute resolution and mediation
  • Couple enrichment programs
  • The psychology of arson
  • Corporate risk management to reduce fraud and workplace violence
  • Psychopathy in industry
  • Violence and sexual offence risk assessment and management
  • Juvenile offenders

A full list of Rebekah Doley's speaking engagements is available here.